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Points of You (POY)™ is a remarkable advance in management based on emerging knowledge of the brain.  Points of You™ generates new perspectives, greater depth of thinking and authentic conversations that achieve concrete business results.
Transform your organization’s coaching, team-building, leadership development and problem-solving initiatives into extraordinary encounters that generate a culture of trust, real problem-solving and genuine innovation.

Points of You™

  • Is an advanced tool based on fundamental neuroscience principles
  • Creates leaders capable of driving lasting change throughout the organization
  • Inspires communication based on authentic dialogue and trust-building
  • Motivates employees to break out of their boxes and their habits to examine workplace dilemmas from new vantage points
  • Changes the way employees respond to challenging situations
  • Points of You™ invites employees to “get down to business”, share with each other key workplace-related insights and generate fresh, innovation solutions to complex business problems

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Business & The Brain

The neuroscience behind leadership

Emerging research drawn from neuroscience is synchronizing the science of the brain with more effective management and leadership practices. This new knowledge is changing management processes and is making a real difference in the way organizations are developing the coaching, team-building, problem-solving and training capabilities of its managers and non-supervisory employees.

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About Us

Points of You™ is a remarkable advance in management based on emerging knowledge of the brain.

We focus on creating a sustainable competitive advantage for our clients by incorporating the latest tools and processes based on fundamental neuroscience principles.

We will help individuals, teams and organizations sharpen their thinking skills, innovate and engage in authentic dialogue to improve the effectiveness of coaching, team-building, leadership development and problem-solving initiatives.


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