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“After your personal one-on-one Points of You™ coaching intervention with me I was hooked and immediately realized that you were on to something that was fresh, innovative and game-changing. Points of You™’s use of evocative photos and inspiring stories and quotes seemed to awaken my entire brain and, in so doing, enabled me to clarify my issue and see a broader range of perspectives related to this issue.

It is clear that Points of You™ brings life and authenticity to coaching, team development, innovation, training and other company processes and I really appreciate you introducing me and the Cirque du Soleil to a tool that represents an advance in how employees connect with themselves and each other.”

Sylvie Geneau

Director, Planning & Development/Assistant Vice President
Casting & Performance
Cirque du Soleil


“Points of You™ was a significant advance in professional coaching. For individual coaching interventions, the elements of Points of You promote authentic dialogue and help the person being coached better identify, understand and resolve his/her real issues. Of equal importance, because the Points of You™ photos and stories helped each coachee open up and tell his/her real stories, I felt that a level of trust was established in a very fast timeframe. No other coaching tool has such an impact in such a short period of time.

I also used Points of You™ in team development interventions and witnessed team members quickly opening up with each other, identifying various team dysfunctions and vowing to overcome them. I see Points of You™ being used in interviewing and recruitment, job reviews, conflict resolution and diversity training – because all these management areas must be based on a foundation of authenticity and trust.

Thanks for introducing Points of You™ to L’Oréal.”

Marjolaine Rompre
Director, Learning for Development
L’Oreal Canada


“Having led several global teams in large organizations and having been responsible for Human Resources and coaching, I felt that Points of You™, when properly used with a trained coach, should be available to every manager as an essential tool in everyday people and business leadership, similar to MBTI, HBDI and other tools.

In an environment where management, assessment and coaching tools are abundant, Points of You™ clearly distinguishes itself by its innovative approach and ability to reach better solutions and results.”

Lucie Bourgeois
Umalia Inc.


“Initially, when I heard about Points of You™, I was skeptical. I could not understand how picture cards can help me, another person even an organization. After 10 minutes of the presentation, I was mesmerized by its power. After a ½ hour, I was sold that this was an incredible item. It evoked thoughts that I never thought I could generate. It made me think in ways that I did not think possible. While the presentation was concentrated on my personal life, easily I saw how transferable it could be to anyone or company. Regardless of your position within your organization or household, set aside any doubts, Points of You™, will point you in the right direction.”

David Solomon
Vice President Sales and Marketing
The Suburban Newspaper
Saint-Laurent, Quebec


“I had a very positive experience when I “played” Points of You™. I use the term “play” cautiously because, on the one hand, it is engaging and fun and, on the other hand, the results are accurate and authentic. The benefit of this feeling like a game is that it captured my attention within the first minute and made me want to continue with each step. Part of the engagement I felt was due to the clarification and new perspectives it brought to me, personally. I can see Points of You™ as being very valuable for individuals as well as for teams as it is wonderful for both personal and professional development.”

Bethann Colle
Sequoia Group
Toronto, Ontario


“The feedback from the  Points of You™ workshop was very positive and touched everyone in a very special way. We see that our Board and Committee members are more comfortable with each other and we feel that Points of You™ has enabled them to work more openly with one another in a constructive and productive way.

I highly recommend Points of You™ to any organization interested in developing the communication, management and leadership skills of its employees and volunteers.”

Lynn Gordon
Director of Volunteer Services
Cummings Centre
Montreal, Quebec


“The Points of You™ program was the catalyst that allowed our teachers to “step out of the here and now” and move into a place where they could tap into their emotions, explore their values and celebrate their successes and gain a greater respect for their peers, themselves and the work that they do.

We made no bones about our skepticism. We know our crowd really well and know just how difficult it can be to engage them in something new. But you proved us wrong on every level. The teachers were quickly engaged, became anxious to participate, interested in listening to their colleagues and left inspired and enthused…focussed on the positives of teaching in general and the power of their individual skills.”

Ellie Grumberg , Educational Director
Linda Lieberman , Principal
Herzliah High School


“I have integrated POY very naturally in my coaching practice in the last few months. I am impressed by how easy it is to use and how my clients have reacted to it. They find it non threatening, relaxing and engaging towards the action steps they develop. When there is an issue to define, to tackle, a decision to make, a topic to think about, a relationship to improve I use POY. I have also used it in focus groups to discuss issues by asking participants to choose the card that represents the feedback they want to give. I just think it is the most creative, versatile, fun, effective, beautiful, thinking tool I have experienced for a long time and I am always amazed at the results after using it! It is truly a gem I have for my clients…..”

Manon Sabourin
Management Consultant and Professional Coach
Montreal, Quebec


“As a facilitator, adventure and experiential leader I am constantly looking for ways to connect with my clients on different levels. The accessibility and simplicity of POY was the initial attraction but after being a participant, I have developed a strong connection to the way it made me feel. I was able to work through fears, anxiety and excitement using the evocative photos and Roberts’ purposeful questioning.  I was offered a promotion at work and was struggling with the decision of becoming a manager in a male dominated work place. Although becoming a manager had been what I wanted, I had reservations about my abilities, the reason for my promotion and the predicament of being the only female. POY felt therapeutic and allowed me to bring forward emotions into a safe place, it also gave me the sense that I had accomplished a revelation on my own with proper guidance.

Feelings are always difficult for me to put into words. I am grateful that Robert conducted a POY intervention because today I am happy with my decision to accept the promotion as Manager.”

Ashley Davis-Annett
AVP, Business Development
Innersee Initiatives, Inc.
Mississauga, Ontario

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