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The neuroscience behind leadership

Emerging research drawn from neuroscience is synchronizing the science of the brain with more effective management and leadership practices. This new knowledge is changing management processes and is making a real difference in the way organizations are developing the coaching, team-building, problem-solving and training capabilities of its managers and non-supervisory employees.

This research shows:

We have limited access to our implicit memory (where relevant knowledge is stored) This restricts our ability to think strategically and innovate
We have regions of the brain with lower emissions of beta waves This restricts the ability of individuals and teams to think broadly
We don’t leverage the visual regions of our brains enough , which are much more efficient than the circuitry involved in language This restricts the ability of individuals and teams to communicate authentically and build trust
Our brains are hard-wired to engage in habits – both good and bad Individuals and teams persist in bad habits without being aware of them
The brain recognizes social experience in organizations as a potential threat (resulting in an avoid response) – and vice-versa Poor management practices and toxic cultures provoke the ‘fight or flight’ response and employee disengagement

The neuroscience behind Points of You™
and visual stimuli

Points of You™ encourages employees to explore new territories for change and growth by looking at visual stimuli. This is a breakthrough process that clarifies and expands thoughts, feelings and ideas.

Science shows that picturing a concept activates the visual cortex in the occipital lobe, at the back of the brain. This region can be activated through actual pictures, or through metaphors, and storytelling, anything that generates an image in mind.

(Source: David Rock, CEO of the NeuroLeadership Institute from the book “Your Brain At Work”)

Using neuroscience to achieve business results

Points of You™ and other breakthrough programs we have developed are based on fundamental neuroscience principles that will enable managers and nonsupervisory employees to:

  • Think in greater breadth and depth
  • Perform more effectively when working in teams
  • Engage in authentic conversations and build trust
  • Employ fresh perspectives and open-mindedness
  • Apply strategic and creative thinking
  • Solve complex, pressing issues
  • Coach, manage and lead


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