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Career Contributions, Accomplishments & Highlights

Points of You™ International has achieved game-changing results in the areas of coaching, team-building and leadership development in over 30 countries globally.

  • Cirque du Soleil – designed and facilitated original leadership development program that helped contribute to the company’s tremendous growth
  • IMS Health Canada – designed and facilitated a leadership development program that was extended to all employees –  helping them to become a Top Employer of Choice
  • Forensic Technology Inc. – helped contribute to their explosive growth by designing and developing a leadership development program
  • Phi Group and DHC/Art – helped contribute to the fast growth of the Phi Group and DHC/Art by designing and developing a leadership development program
  • Xstrata Nickel – worked with the CEO and Executive team to re-structure the company; designed and facilitated the company’s first two global leadership forums
  • Basadur Applied Creativity, our strategic partner, has a long and significant list of accomplishments, such as generating Frito-Lay $500 million dollars in cost improvements and Procter & Gamble $400 million in cost improvements
  • We are certified trainers for Herrmann International who has worked with over 70% of Fortune 500 companies such as IBM , Coca-Cola , Johnson & Johnson , Novartis , Target and Xerox

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