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The overall content of Points of You™ training programs is outlined below. POY can also be adapted to your existing organizational coaching, team-building, leadership development and complex problem-solving programs – making them more authentic and effective. Points of You™ programs can be facilitated by certified POY trainers or through your organization’s facilitators.


  • The Problem: Managers are overworked. They don’t have sufficient time available to coach and make a difference.
  • The Solution: POY’s use of evocative photos, relevant life topics and inspiring stories engage both hemispheres of the brain to achieve maximum results in short chunks of time.

Program duration : 2 days


  • Essential coaching skills (motivating, listening, questioning, giving & receiving feedback)
  • Using POY cards in coaching situations
  • Using the POY Coaching Book & questions
  • The POY coaching process
  • Using POY Coaching Notes to take action action


  • The Problem: Existing leadership programs fail to help  potential leaders understand what drives them; what evokes their passions related to being a leader. This creates blockages.
  • The Solution: POY connects leaders to their authentic selves. POY helps them identify obstacles, establish their defining moments and recognize the people who inspired them. Blockages are cleared – defining their bona fide leadership purpose.

Program duration : 2 days


  • Points of You TM and authentic leadership
  • POY & helping each participant tell her authentic life story
  • POY and identifying one’s real values
  • POY and identifying one’s proudest moment
  • POY and discovering one’s defining leadership moment and purpose


  • The Problem: Teams that don’t engage in authentic conversations to identify and resolve their issues will never perform at a high level. This cost themselves and their organizations dearly.
  • The Solution: POY’s use of evocative photos and relevant business topics initiates authentic conversations based on the team’s real issues. This lays a foundation of trust. Open and lively debate takes place. Commitment, accountability and RESULTS are achieved.

Program duration : 1-2 days


  • The differences between a group and a team
  • Common team dysfunctions
  • Using POY elements to encourage authentic dialogue around real team issues
  • The POY Team Mosaic
  • Using POY to obtain individual commitments to take actions


  • The Problem: Traditional brainstorming sessions just don’t cut it anymore. Teams need new skills, methods and processes to tackle ambiguous and intricate challenges .
  • The Solution: POY is a modern tool that brings authenticity to addressing each of the three main stages of problem-solving: problem identification, idea generation and solution implementation. This is invaluable in helping teams, individuals and organizations identify and resolve complex issues.

Program duration : 2-3 days


  • Essential problem-solving skills
  • Common barriers to effective problem-solving
  • POY and problem identification
  • POY and idea generation
  • POY and overcoming common obstacles to taking action

Train The Trainer

1-Day Program: A one-day program is available for professional coaches that reviews the fundamental aspects of POY (history, neuroscience and photo-therapy tie-in), kit review (layout charts, cards, book, action booklet), the 5 POY series, the 4 stages of POY, various uses of the cards, etc.

3-Day Program: A 3-day Train-the-Trainer program is available for everyone interested in learning about POY (as described in bullet point above) with more in-depth training on using POY for coaching, facilitating team-building and leadership development. Time is allowed for practice in between workshops.