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Robert Paris, MBA, B.Comm
President of Points of You™ North America

Robert has 30 years combined practical management and consulting experience that spans 5 continents.  He has an established track record of successfully designing and facilitating management, leadership, team-building and coaching programs that give organizations a long term, sustainable competitive advantage. Robert has recently taken a pioneering role in using neuroscience tools and processes that challenge current management practices that date back over 50 years.

His practical management experience with blue chip companies and consulting experience has been characterized by a remarkable record of achievements (click through to career contributions, accomplishments & highlights)

Robert is an exceptionally engaging executive coach whose advice is highly valued by CEOs, other C-Suite executives, middle managers and first time supervisors. He has a proven track record of helping managers clarify and broaden their perspectives, zero in on their real issues, engage in authentic dialogue and identify opportunities for growth. Robert’s dynamic personality, use of 21st century leadership and coaching tools and results-orientation have been instrumental in helping managers develop the leadership skills necessary to create organizational cultures that engage, attract and retain top talent.


Yaron Golan
Founder/Owner/Executive Director

Yaron is one of the founders and owners of Points of You™ and is the company’s Executive Director. Yaron has built Points of You™ into an international brand with a growing presence in over 30 countries worldwide. He is an experienced personal and business coach with an academic background in business management and psychology.

Yaron recognizes that modern coaching, team-building and leadership development programs often lack authenticity and trust and is now internationally recognized as a professional who is creating new tools and processes that are changing the face of management and leadership.

Yaron’s vision of Points of You™ is to change the world by helping people clarify and broaden their perspectives on challenging issues and then to encourage them to take concrete actions that help change/improve their lives. This approach is having a dramatic impact on companies – changing the nature of coaching conversations; allowing teams to surface and deal with underlying issues; helping managers better understand their inner leadership drives, passions and purpose.


Efrat Shani

Founder/Owner/Development Manager

Efrat is one of the founders and owners of Points of You™ and is the company’s Development Manager. She is the driving creative force at Points of You™ and is a key to the company’s worldwide expansion. Efrat is an experienced workshop designer and facilitator with a background in entrepreneurship, management and theatrical stage direction.

Efrat is a qualified photo-therapist and understands the impact that visual stimuli have on the human brain. This background in photo-therapy gives her great insight into the power of photos to give people important insights about their lives and how to address personal challenges. This keen insight is instrumental in Points of You™’s global success.

Efrat is in the process of developing other tools and processes that reflect a keen understanding of the human condition. This has significant implications for companies around the world as they increasingly understand the importance of creating work environments based on authentic conversations, trust, mutual respect, commitment, accountability and results.


International Certified Trainers

Points of You™ has a dedicated team of exceptionally qualified trainers around the world. Points of You™ trainers are highly respected professional coaches and workshop designers and facilitators who bring passion and experience to coaching, team-building and leadership development initiatives.