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Points of You™ is a remarkable advance in management based on emerging knowledge of the brain. Points of You™ generates new perspectives, greater depth of thinking and authentic conversations that achieves concrete business results.

Transform your organization’s coaching, team-building, leadership development and problem-solving initiatives into extraordinary encounters that generate a culture of trust, real problem-solving and genuine innovation.


Points of You™

  • Is an advanced tool based on fundamental neuroscience principles
  • Creates leaders capable of driving lasting change throughout the organization
  • Inspires communication based on authentic dialogue and trust-building
  • Motivates employees to break out of their boxes and their habits to examine workplace dilemmas from new vantage points
  • Changes the way employees respond to challenging situations
  • Points of You™ invites employees to “get down to business”, share with each other key workplace-related insights and generate fresh, innovation solutions to complex business problems